Incorporated in 1996, Kawan Engineering Sdn. Bhd. (formerly known as Kawan Dynamic Engineering Sdn. Bhd.) has evolved from a general fabricator to a technology driven equipment maker, Process Plant Builders, and a reliable engineering partner.


We are ASME “ U”, “H”,“S” & National Board “R” stamp holder, “R” are a licensed fabricator by the Department of Safety and Health (DOSH) Malaysia in the areas of construct and repair of Heating Boilers, Unfired Pressure Vessels and Heat Exchangers.


In addition we are also a licensed contractor for LPG/ LNG piping, accredited by the DOSH. This together with CIDB the highest Grade G7 certification for site piping and site installation works.

We operate in two factories with total working area of approximately 9,000 m 2 and workshop capacity is 400 tanks or approximately 2,000 equivalent ton per year. We are also renowned for Automated Polishing of Plates and Dish Ends Forming and Pressing, Orbital Welding, CNC Plasma Welding and Automatic TIG Flange to Nozzle Welding.


Our high quality products are now running in countries like Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Africa, Germany , Australia, New Zealand, USA, China, etc.. Continuous improvements to enhance our strength and business foundation” have always been our prime motto.






 Safety, Health and

Environmental Policy






Kawan Engineering Sdn. Bhd. accords the highest emphasis in ensuring the safety, health and welfare of our employees, the safety of people and the safeguarding of natural environment at our worksites at all times.

“To provide a wide range of engineering services and products to meet the needs of various industries.”

“Providing high quality and engineering products and services to our customer, continuous extensive Research and Development to enhance our strength and business foundation.”


Manufacturing and Engineering Solution Providers in Malaysia

Manufacturing and Engineering Solution Providers in Malaysia

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